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Sep 30, 2012 5:00am PDT
knows about sainthood and canon law and the catholic church. he is a canon lawyer. whether felix to think about it asking about a favorite saint. are talking that since talking about the process they are declared venerable pluses and the pope declared missing cannot and there are some people that never made it the role of the steps and is alone process and people that want to be a saint half to do a lot of work for you to get there. and winter declared a saint they're relics now tell us about those. >>> relics are various classe'' the first-class record actual body parts the bone hair things like that and believe it and not these things are-treated to churches and held in reliquaries which are things to display them the church maintains there should be a superstition about it is no magic involved with rolex but it is a reminder of the st. and the virtues that here she lived in his life and it's a way of being physically closer to what was once the body of the state for greater devotion and also second-class relics and third class relics which thinks the state may have used other thi
Sep 27, 2012 7:30pm PDT
saying that, "my life is over, why don't i just can it," he not only got a law degree, but then he went on to become what has been called by pavarotti to be the greatest tenor in the world today. >> that's the kind of thing that you gain there is, "it's your life! do something with it, and move along with it." >> i have a question. i'm trying to clarify this in my mind. is this ramtha like a spirit that enters jz's body? and that's the spirit talking through her to the people? >> what he considers himself to be is much more akin to the warrior gods of the hindu religion - a very, very ancient understanding of these divine beings. he's got a fully operational brain in his lifetime and went beyond the human realm, to the divine. he can assume jz's body and work the body through the seals within the body, which science is only now beginning to understand about the ductless glands in the body and the seals, the energy centers in the body. he can operate her body. she abdicates her body completely, which makes her a pure channel. >> she wills him into her body when she's in front of a g
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2